Corrugated Box 101 : Detailed Explainations

Corrugated Box are made from Corrugated Cardboard Sheet or Corrugated Fiberboard cut into tailored sizes as per requirements & box design. Corrugated Cardboard Sheet is made from Paperboard using a machine called Corrugator. The machine is also known as flute lamination machine because the corrugation process forms vertical flutes that gives it a strength. Moreover, the corrugated box is also known as Carton Box.

Corrugated Box is made of kraft board or kraft paper made from Virgin pulp or Recycled Paper. In India, Recycled kraft paper is found more hence most of the Corrugated Boxes are made from Recycled Kraft Paper. It consists of various qualities based on strength of board, quality of paper based on different properties. Most commonly used quality checking parameters for corrugated box are bursting factor & compression strength of the box. We will go into detail later on.

Corrugated Box

History of a Corrugated Box

Corrugated Box came in commercial use as a replacement of Wooden Box. Corrugation Process gave a replacement option with saving in cost for packaging. Apart from cost, the speed of delivery & manufacturing was also better compared to making wooden boxes. At the same time, in reality, corrugated boxes were able to give the same strength at lower cost hence it was accepted as a replacement of wooden box. Slowly and gradually, the industry accepted it in regular operation and then it opened up widescale.

What are the types of corrugated box?

There are various types of Corrugated Box based on uses of the same. YouTube video from Convergence Training will help you understand more about Corrugated Box Basics. They also have extensive guide on box design of cardboard box.

Regular Slotted Box (RSC)

It is usually made from single piece of corrugated board or corrugated sheet with single verticle manufacturer’s joint and four flaps that folds from the top and bottom. It is also known as Universal Box, Regular Box, Normal Box, Slotted Box etc.

Telescope Box / Top Bottom Box

Telescope box are often called Top Bottom box in general parlance. It is made from two pieces of corrugated sheet or corrugated board and consist of a top & body and come times a separate bottom is also made.

Folders / Folder Box

Folders are made from single piece of board scored to fold around the product. This box features solid bottom for product handling. Often used in e-commerce & textile products shipping.

Rigid Boxes

It is also called as Bliss Box. It consists of a folded type box with two identical panels that are attached to the end.

Self Erecting Box

It is made from a single piece of box that is scored so that the box can be easily setup. It also generally used in high speed packaging such as fruits, pizza and electronics items.

Interior Forms

It includes linears, dividers, partions to separate more cushion to the products & it also adds good amount of sterngth to the box. It is often advisable when the products is made of glass or similar object.

What are the different Flute Profiles in a Corrugated Box?

A Flute

B Flute

C Flute

D Flute

E Flute

F Flute