June 5, 2018

Corrugated Box Market & Locations by MultiPack

multipack corrugated box manufacturers locations marketMultiPack has developed a concentrated market within the limited vicinity of the corrugated cartons manufacturing plant along with cardboard corrugated boxes exports market.

Target market has been divided into sub-groups to justify market exposure as well as fulfillment operations to achieve maximum customer satisfaction. In Cardboard Boxes Business, product quality along with delivery service is very important.

Our primary products are corrugated boxes, cardboard corrugated cartons, cardboard boxes, industrial cartons, industrial shipping boxes, heavy duty industrial boxes, corrugated boxes for fresh produce, boxes for fruits exports, cartons for moving goods, moving cartons, moving boxes, pharma corrugated box, healthcare cartons, textile boxes, packaging cartons for food processing, corrugated boxes and variety of cartons used for different applications.

Hence, at MultiPack, we involve a great number of resources in logistics and better delivery lead times.

We can deliver product pan India but to portray our target markets, we have segregated the locations in business clusters.

Vadodara (Baroda), Karjan Corrugated Box Manufacturers

Close to 200 kms away from MultiPack, Vadodara, also known as Baroda is one of the farthest of all focus market for corrugated boxes in our bucket. Some of the most known Industrial Area are Makarpura GIDC,  Nandesari GIDC,  PCC, Vaghodiya Industrial Area, Limda, Ranoli and Por Raman Gamdi. The industrial clusters posses Chemicals & fertilizers business, Machine Tools Industries, Pharmaceuticals Companies, Biotechnology and healthcare companies, Cotton Textiles,  Glass, Engineering & Fabrication units, Tobacco manufacturing, Fisheries, and Dairy products.

Dahej, Ankleshwar, Bharuch, Jhagadia, Rajpipla Cartons

Dahej being fastest growing & future oriented region for manufacturing, it has remained our focused area. Dahej Industrial area has been receiving lots of investments due to government push & aided infrastructure for manufacturing. Ankleshwar GIDC, Bharuch GIDC & Jhagadia GIDC is already known for its export market of DyesIntermediatee & Chemicals,  Bulk Drugs, and Pharmaceuticals. Rajpipla is specifically known for it’s banana produce & lots of the banana are exported from here. We specialise in Banana Export Boxes.

Kim, Kosamba, Pipodara, Karanj Corrugated Carton

Textile is one of the main market of Surat region, but the post POY processes are mostly concentrated in areas like Kim, Kosamba, Pipodara and Karanj. Most of the texturizing, spinning, weaving & knitting plants are located in this region. Most of the head-offices of business are located in Surat and controlled from Surat mostly. Also, it has a good infrastructure and suitable ecosystem for Textile Processes industry.

Surat, Pandesara, Hazira, Kamrej Cardboard Boxes

Surat is mostly regarded as a finished textile market consisting of saree, dresses and dress materials. At the same time, some areas of pandesara & bhestan are also have chemicals and dyes factories. Kamrej is mostly of yarn manufacturing and textiles processes. Hazira belt is known to have big companies like L&T, Essar, Reliance & Adani. Bhimpore GIDC & Ichhapore GIDC is having small units of bakery products, fabrications, ONGC & Indian Oil.

Kadodara, Bardoli, Vyara Cardboard Corrugated Boxes

Kaodara acts as an extented part of Surat for most of the post POY textile processes. Kadodara to Bardoli highway is having most of the industries of chemicals, fertilizers and POY Manufacturing as well as Yarn Processes. Mainly domniated by textile proccesing industry, it remained highly attractive business area due to proximity from Surat.

Navsari, Maroli, Sachin Packaging Boxes

Sachin has a GIDC area having varied businesses ranging from textile machine manufacturers, tea manufacturers, notebook processors to dye chems. Maroli is a small town but some of the businesses are located due to proximity from Surat. Navsari has a Kabilpore GIDC area, it is a comparatively small GIDC but covers a good range of businesses. It is one of the main market due to our proximity, service availability, benefit of local network as well as lower transportation costs. Navsari is also a main market of local fruits & vegetable produce mainly covered by Mango, Chickoo & vegetables.

Bilimora Chikhli Vansda Corrugated Box

Although, not lot of industries are situated in Bilimora, Antalia GIDC, Chikhli market or Vansda area, but due to our geographical availability, we attract most of the business, often small inquiries. Again, bilimora and nearby area has a lot of good crops of fruits produced.

Valsad, Dharampur Brown Corrugated packaging box

Valsad GIDC offers lots of businesses for our forced market because most of the businesses are controlled from Mumbai & it serves a lot of stimuli on Western Corridor of Business Activity. Valsad has varied business chemical, dyes, pharma, pen manufacturing, electrical components, packaging, leather & engineering. One of the biggest plants of Potato processing is also located there. Dharampur is again a small town but serves plenty of rural markets needs from cashew processing units & wood processing.

Vapi, Silvassa, Daman, Umbergaon Corrugated Box & Cartons

Vapi and near by areas are hub of businesses. They are among the most concenrated area. Vapi GIDC is one of the biggest GIDC of India. It’s spread across 11.4 Sq Kms. and a home to more than 1400 different industries. Silvassa saw a sudden growth in business due to subsidized electricity & improved infrastructure push from government. Vapi Silvassa belt is main dominated by chemical companies and well serving export markets. Daman and Umbergaon are also a part of the bundle and serves a great deal of businesses. Most of the businesses are owned by industrialists of Mumbai and wholly managed by them.