July 23, 2016

Pomegranate Anar Packaging Boxes | Anar Corrugated Box | Pomegranate Printed Box Export Quality

In Maharastra (Nashik), Pomegranate (Anar) Plantation is in full swing and growing at a very healthy rate. Many farmers have upgraded their farming methods and plantation technology to increase their fertility, production & productivity. With increasing production they have opted for exporting pomegranate to other countries & shipping them domestically as well.

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So to keep up with changing trends and increasing demands, We are regularly supplying the Export Quality Corrugated Boxes for fruit and vegetable boxes, fresh produce boxes and bale arm trays to the catering industry. These trays and boxes offer our customers considerable savings with due performance in cold storage conditions.

Here are various types of Pomegranate Export Quality Boxes.

Our suppliers are exporting Pomegranates to Middle east Countries. Our packaging boxes adhere to the requirement of http://apeda.gov.in/apedawebsite/ .

Product Details –  Prices for Export Quality Pomegranate Box:

Details 3.5 Kg 5Ply White  5 Kg 5Ply White  10 KG Brown 3Ply
Item No. MP-FR-BN01 MP-FR-BN02 MP-FR-BN02
Purpose Export Export Local
Size of Box(OD) 400x200x105 OD  380 x 270 x 125 OD  370 x 240 x 205
Bursting Strength 12+ 12+  11+
Compression Strength 375+ 400+  300+
Weight 425 Grams 645 Grams  405 grams
Printing 4 Color Offset 4 Color Offset 1 Color
Rates 25.80 32.80 23.00
Printing 1 Color Flexo 1 Color Flexo
Rates 23.80 30.80

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  • Offset Printing One Time Development Charge = 13,900/- plus GST
  • Flexo Printing – 1 Color – One Time Development Charge = 12,800/- plus GST
  • Minimum Quantity – 3,000 Boxes | Discounts available for large quantities.
  • All rates are Ex-Factory at Ambheta Plant.
  • GST @ 12% to be added extra.
  • Payment 100% with Purchase Order
  • Delivery with in 15 Days of Order & Payment
  • Printing Artwork has to be provided by the Customer in CDR Format.
  • All the Boxes are better than APEDA specified requirements.
  • Prices are on 10th August 2017. It may change in future.

About MultiPack:

MultiPack is a Corrugated Box Manufacturers in India based in Chikhli, Gujarat. It’s a manufacturer of corrugated boxes, cardboard cartons, corrugated cartons, cardboard boxes, shipping boxes, moving cartons, industrial boxes, heavy-duty boxes and much more products in the food industry, fresh produce, fruits and vegetable boxes and much more.

Other Details :

Place of Origin: Chikhli, Gujarat
Brand Name: Multipack
Flute: BC2
Wall: Single/Double/Tri-wall
Material: Recycled or Virgin paper
Color: Multi-colors
Shape: Customed
Type of Boxes: Common and popular type
Practicable Layer: 3 layers, 5 layers, 7 layers,
Body Paper Color: Brown, White
Combined style: Gluing Or Folding
Quality: Environmental quality certification
Use: Pomegranate Anar Packing Box

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