August 9, 2017

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Textile Industry in India for Corrugated Box Manufacturer

The Indian textiles industry, currently estimated at around US$ 120 billion, is expected to reach US$ 230 billion by 2020. The Indian Textile Industry contributes approximately 4 per cent to India’s Gross Domestic Product (GDP), and 14 per cent to overall Index of Industrial Production (IIP). Source 

Surat Textile Industry for packing boxes

Surat, an emerging city in the state of Gujarat, is known as the textile city of Gujarat. And, the epithet is perfectly suited to the city. The textile industry is one of the oldest and the most widespread industries in Surat. Surat is well known for its synthetic products market. It requires Yarn Corrugated Boxes It is mainly engaged in the production and trading of synthetic textile products.

The Surat textile industry has grown considerably over time. As per recent figures, textile production in Surat has grown by 10% in the last 5 years, while the market for embroidery has grown from an almost negligible amount to around Rs. 30000 million over the same period. Source

Our export quality corrugated boxes:

On the back of rising demands of textiles and yarns, the demand for packaging materials such as yarn packaging box is also on growing trend. To take up this opportunity, we at Multipack, are very keen and molded our production processes to give best quality of Corrugated Boxes for Yarns at most competitive rates.

yarn corrugated box packaging | yarn packaging box

Yarn packaging boxes

Currently we are servicing and delivering boxes to many of the esteemed customers for domestic as well as export purposes.

Various Types of Export Quality Yarn Boxes We Manufacture

Sr No. Size Ply Weight(gms) BS CS
1 675x450x280 ID 5 1270 10+ 300+
2 660x440x280 ID 5 1220 10+ 300+
3 620x414x280 ID 5 1115 10+ 300+
4 600x400x288 ID 5 1140 12+ 350
5 675x450x282 ID (For Exports) 5 1571 15+ 575+
6 660x440x280 ID (For Exports) 5 1516 15+ 575+

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These are various standard sizes of our current suppliers. We also make other tailor made corrugated boxes for yarns based on your cost estimate and strength requirements.

About MultiPack:

MultiPack is a Corrugated Boxes Manufacturer in India based in Chikhli, Gujarat. It’s a manufacturer of corrugated boxes, cardboard cartons, corrugated cartons, cardboard boxes, shipping boxes, moving cartons, industrial boxes, heavy-duty boxes and much more products in the food industry, fresh produce, fruits and vegetable boxes and much more.

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