March 21, 2019

Supplier Inquiry & Registration

Supplier’s Inquiry

We would not like to entertain direct calls from potential suppliers. As we are in business from more than 20 years now, we have stable supplier for everything. Although, we are open to change & we appreciate innovative products. If you are looking to contact purchase department & talk to appropariate person for the following items then kindly follow the procedure.

  • Kraft Paper/Duplex Paper
  • Corrugation Gum/Pasting Gum (Starch Based Adhesives)
  • Strapping Rolls
  • Water Based Printing Ink
  • Stiching Wire
  • Varnishing/Coating Solutions or Chemicals
  • Machine Repairing
  • Machine Spare Parts
  • Bearing & Lubricants
  • Calls for Website Design or Lead Generation(IndiaMart, JustDial, ExportersIndia etc)

Procedure for Registration

  1. Kindly fill up the form below & send your details. Please mention subject line clearly. Also provide your direct phone no.
    Contact Us
  2. If we are interested, we will call you.

We assume, after these clear instructions, you will value our time. If you can’t value the same, please don’t expect the same from us.